Code Examples for Implementing Connect
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Code Examples for Implementing Connect


These examples require minor changes to get working. The full instructions for getting a PHP app running are on

These instructions assume you know how to run a website for your chosen framework: PHP (start a webserver), Node.js (run npm install), etc.

  1. Log in to
  2. Create a new WPCC application: You can change these settings at any time.
  3. Search for TODO in all the files for your particular framework, and adjust them as appropriate.
  4. Start your server and log in.
  5. Profit!

Storing and using the access token is an exercise left for the developer.

Current Frameworks

Language Framework Author
PHP N/A Automattic
Javascript Node.js Express Automattic
Python Flask Automattic

Where is Framework X?

If you implement a framework we don't have, we'd love to include it in this project. Just submit a pull request.