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Gist Blog 📃

Turn your Gists into blog posts.

Gist Blog is a platform that transforms your GitHub Gists into blog posts. This project was heavily inspired by, but Gist Blog comes with a few extra perks.

Why Gist Blog?

Gist Blog is for posts that don't belong on your usual blog, maybe because it doesn't fit the theme or maybe because you want to reach a different audience than the people that usually read your blog.


Create a blog post

  1. Create a GitHub Gist in Markdown. Make sure the file name ends with and has a title parameter in the metadata*.
  2. Replace the URL:{username}/{gist-id} with{gist-id}
  3. Your blog post is ready!


List all posts on your profile

  1. Create multiple posts using the instructions above
  2. Go to:{username}
  3. Your blog is ready!


You can add metadata to your post in the form of yaml at the top of your markdown file. The syntax for metadata is as follows

title: A very interesting and unique blog title
description: An even more interesting and unique description that provides more info about the post

For posts to show up in your blog page they MUST have the title field and a file name ending with metadata.


  • Turn any GitHub Gist into a blog post.
  • Have a place to list all your gist blog posts
  • Switch between dark/light mode
  • Render markdown into HTML. Supports markdown tables and more
  • Add a title and description to you blog using YAML metadata


To run locally for development, fork the project, install the Vercel CLI

npm i -g vercel
cd GistBlog
vercel dev

Then go to localhost:3000 to see the site up and running


For listing all posts on your profile, the content of each post has to be retreived. This is why only 5 posts are shown per page and even then the page might take 3~4 seconds to load.