This extension is integration with Brackets.
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Hack.Chat Integration

This is an extension to integration with Brackets.

Feel free to fork or use the code for any other extension. alt text


  • Select File > Extension Manager... (or click the "brick" icon in the toolbar)
  • Click Install from URL... or search for Hack.Chat Integration
  • Enter the url of this repo:
  • Click Install

How to use

  • Go to "Navigate" => "Hack.Chat - Change Channel"
    • Or click Hack.Chat icon on the toolbar.
  • It will auto generate a random channel name, then will ask you if you want to change it.
    • You can leave the channel room empty to enter the main page and select one of the main channels.


  • Option to switch the Chat panel between bottom and sidebar.
  • Option to change the main server (


  • v0.0.5 - 22/07/2015

    • Add: New menu item to rejoin the current channel.
    • Change: Changed the toolbar Icon.
  • v0.0.4 - 16/07/2015

    • Add: Confirmation message when changing channel.
    • Add: New menu Item to get the URL to the current channel.
    • Fix: Deosn't change channel when panel is hidden.
  • v0.0.3 - 15/07/2015

    • Add: Menu item to go to the main page of
    • Add: Menu item to join ?programming channel.
    • Fix: Panel gives an error when loading for the first time.
  • v0.0.2 - 14/07/2015

    • By ToastyStoemp: When channel is entered with or without '?' it will connect to the same channel.