Fantasy Map Generator and Editor based on Voronoi diagram
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Fantasy Map Generator

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. Online tool generating interactive and editable svg maps based on D3 voronoi diagram.

Project is under active development, check out the beta version here. Refer to the project wiki for a guidance. Some details are covered in my blog Fantasy Maps for fun and glory, you may also keep an eye on my Trello devboard.

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Join our Reddit community to share the created maps, discuss the Generator, suggest ideas and get a most recent updates. You may also contact me directly via email. For bug reports please use the project issues page. If you are facing performance issues, please try to open the page in a small window, toggle off relief icons layes and use the default graph size only. In Firefox fast map zooming may cause browser crash.

You can support the project on Patreon.

The desktop application (Electron) is under development.