The source behind the Azure Serverless Community Library, a set of common use cases for Functions and Logic Apps that are easily deployed.
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Azure Serverless Community Library

An open source set of common use cases for Azure Functions & LogicApps that are ready to deploy!

How-to Contribute to the Serverless Library

  1. Build something cool!

  2. Put it in a public repository. Here are a couple great examples: Function Example or LogicApp Example

  3. Create an ARM template for your application (this is acually pretty simple.) This ARM template generator quickly creates one for Azure Functions, and Logic Apps code is contained in ARM templates, so build the Logic App in the Azure portal & commit the generated template to your Git repo.

  4. Finally, create an issue in this repo containing the relevant details (template provided).

  5. Wait for approval. When we close the issue, we'll merge your sample!

Generic Deployment

If you find a Git repo with a Function or Logic App in it, you can use this to quickly deploy to Azure: AzureDeploy.Any.json

If you want to create an ARM template that deploys Functions or LogicApps: Build Your Own