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Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET
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Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET

The Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET allows you to build applications that take advantage of scalable cloud computing resources.

Target Frameworks:

* .NET Framework 4.0 and newer.
* .NET Portable Framework, using profile 102


* Visual Studio 2013 RTM with update 2 at minimum

To build:

Using Visual Studio:

  • Open any solution, say, "src\ResourceManagement\Compute\Compute.sln".
  • Invoke "build" command.
  • Most solutions support 3 solution configurations, "Net40", "Net45", and "Portable". you can use "Configruation Manager" to switch and build.

Using command line:

  • Ensure "msbuild.exe" is under environment pathes, which you can run the command file pre-installed by Visual Studio. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools\VsDevCmd.bat
  • Under repository root, there is a "build.proj", which you can build with. For example, to build a nuget package for compute management, run: msbuild build.proj /t:build;package /p:scope=ResourceManagement\Compute
  • For other supported flags, check out the top comment section inside "build.proj".

To run the tests:

Using Visual Studio:

  • Most test projects only build for "net45". To run them, switch solution configuration to "net45".
  • Build.
  • "Test Explorer" window will get populated with tests. Go select and invoke.

Using command line:

  • Refer to the "To build" section to get the command window set up.
  • Invoke "Test" target from "Build.proj". Likely, you need to build test project first, so put in "build" target as well. msbuild build.proj /t:build;test /p:scope=ResourceManagement\Compute
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