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Codebot: IRC Notifier Bot for Codebase

For projects


How to set up:

  1. Make a copy of codebot-example.js (for example, to codebot.js)
  2. Open your copy in a text editor and configure the settings in the section labeled "OPTIONS"
  3. That's it!

How to run:

To start, just run the following command:

node <path to this file>

Release Notes:

This would be better with some HTTP authentication (since Codebase supports using HTTP Basic auth), but, since I didn't know how to use Basic auth with the node HTTP module, this server will accept requests from anyone.

Codebase setup:

In your Codebase repository settings (or notification center, if you are still using Codebase V3), use the HTTP JSON Post delivery method, and for the server name specify the IP address or DNS name of this server, followed by the port you chose below, followed by "/notify". Here's an example:

(assuming this server is at, and you chose port 1234 in the options below).

License and credit:

This script was written by Stephen Eisenhauer (homepage), and is released into the public domain.