An ipython kernel for java 9
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The kernel as of now is not working. Unclear on why.


An ipython kernel for java 9. Last tested Kulla.jar was kulla--20160821005845.jar

Expectation Setting

This is an experimental ipython kernel written with an experimental repl written for a unreleased java version. Don't expect this to be production ready.

That being said. File issues and I'll do my best.


Install java9

Download a kulla.jar

This kernel expects two environment variables defined, which can be set in the kernel.json (described below):

KULLA_HOME - The full path of kulla.jar

JAVA_9_HOME - like JAVA_HOME but pointing to a java 9 environment

Installing the kernel

Assuming you have cloned the repo and got all the requirements above setup

edit kernel.json replacing PATH_TO_javakernel to the location of the javakernel directory

mkdir ~/.ipython/kernels/java/

cp <location of your edited kernel.json> ~/.ipython/kernels/java/

For example a kernel.json might look like this:

 "argv": ["python3", "/Users/bachmann/Code/java9_kernel/javakernel",
          "-f", "{connection_file}"],
 "display_name": "Java 9",
 "language": "java",
 "env" : {
     "JAVA_9_HOME": "/Users/bachmann/Code/jdk1.9.0",
     "KULLA_HOME": "/Users/bachmann/Code/kulla.jar"

If all worked you should be able to run the kernel:

 ipython console --kernel java
Jupyter Console 4.0.2

[ZMQTerminalIPythonApp] Loading IPython extension: storemagic
java version "1.9.0-ea"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.9.0-ea-b71)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.9.0-ea-b71, mixed mode)

In [1]: System.out.println("OMG")

It should work in a notebook as well:

Notebook Screenshot


Ensure the Kulla Jar is executable otherwise nothing will work.

If you are having issues saying things like "Module not found" or anything that suggests a dependency has not been installed and you are sure it is installed. Try verifying your python version. The example kernel in this readme is setup for python3. If you copy and paste it ensure you have your environment setup for python 3. Otherwise just update the kernel.json to point to whatever python environment you have setup.