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Twig highlighting for Notepad++

Notepad++ Twig Highlighter 2.1

Simple Twig syntax highlighter for Notepad++ with UDL 2.1


  1. Start notepad++.
  2. Go to Languages > Define own Language... (first after the divider).
  3. Click Import and select the Twig.xml or TwigAlternative.xml file.
  4. Restart Notepad++
  5. Twig is now available in the user-defined section in the Languages menu.
  6. Feel free to point out problems.

Standard Highlighter

Screenshot of the highlighting with standard Twig highlighter.

Alternative Highlighter

Screenshot of the highlighting with alternative Twig highlighter.

This fixes (or rather, works around) the problem described in Issue #13, but looks a bit different and may have other quirks.



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