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PHP SDK for Bandwidth Voice and Messaging APIs
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SDK for Bandwidth's App Platform



to install, with composer

composer require bandwidth/catapult

OR after cloning:

composer update

Running from source

You can also use Bandwidth without composer, you only need to include "Catapult.php" from /source/


require "source/Catapult.php"

API keys

REMEMBER to configure your API keys. You can do this in 'one' of two ways:

  1. Update credentials.json with your keys. If you use this method, use this constructor:

    $cred = new Catapult\Credentials;

    Also, be sure to protect that file from external access

  2. Specify your keys to the Catapult client. If you use this method, use this constructor

$cred = new Catapult\Credentials('your Bandwidth App Platform user-id here', 'your bandwidth app platform token here', 'your bandwidth api secret here');

unit tests.

In ./tests there are a list of tests to run any we need phpunit:

composer require phpunit

and to run a rest:

php phpunit.phar --bootstrap ../source/Catapult.php {test_name}

where test name can be any of the listed tests.


  • needed:
  • php >= 5.3.0
  • libCurl


  • openSSL
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