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An ansible playbook for deployment production ready baobab
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Baobab LIMS is an open-source laboratory information management system (LIMS) software that will ensure that researchers can track the lifecycle of a biospecimen in the laboratory from receipt to storage and reuse. This software ensures that sufficient metadata is captured.

This ansible playbook is used to deploy a production-ready Baobab LIMS instance onto a server.

THIS IS AN EARLY RELEASE. It is currently recommended to only use this playbook against a single Ubuntu 16.04 server. Nothing else is tested!


  • Support more Linux flavors for deployment
  • Additional configuration parameters for Nginx


  • Firstly, clone the repo and download the submodules as well:

    git clone
    cd baobab-ansible
    git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Create a hosts file for ansible, e.g:

    [baobab] ansible_user=ubuntu
  • Edit the group_vars/all.yml file to reflect the settings you need. You mainly just need to edit the server_hostname and plone_initial_password.

  • Execute the play with: ansible-playbook -i name_of_hostsfile site.yml. The buildout part of plone will take some time to execute.

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