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BashSupport Pro

This is the public issue tracker of the BashSupport Pro plugin.

BashSupport Pro is an IDE for advanced Bash and shell script development – debugger, test runner, powerful editor, refactorings, ShellCheck, shfmt, and more.

manual · quick start · features · bug tracker · free licenses
帮助手册 · 安装指南 · 功能 · 议题追踪 · 免费许可

  • bashdb Debugger: Debug Bash scripts with bashdb on macOS, Linux, and Windows with WSL, Git Bash, or Cygwin (manual).
  • bats-core Test Runner: Run bats-core tests on macOS, Linux, and Windows with WSL, Git Bash, or Cygwin (manual).
  • Remote Development: Execute and debug shell scripts on remote machines (manual).
  • Powerful Run Configurations: Files and script snippet, stdin redirection, control logging, works well on Windows (WSL, Git Bash, Cygwin) and can be shared cross–platform (manual).
  • ShellCheck Support: ShellCheck is bundled and used to highlight problems in script files (manual).
  • shfmt Formatter: shfmt is bundled and used to format script files (manual).
  • Google Shell Style Guide support: Inspections, quick fixes, and a formatter preset help you follow the Google Shell Style Guide in your Bash scripts (manual).
  • Go To Declaration: Supports definitions by assignments, export, typeset, declare, local, getopts, mapfile, read, readonly, select, printf, and coproc. unset is also handled (manual).
  • Advanced Code Completion: it only suggests functions and variables, which are valid at the current position in your script (manual).
  • Powerful refactorings: Rename files, functions, variable definitions, and variable references without breaking your scripts. Inline variables, and more.
  • Find Usages: Find usages of your functions and variables in your scripts and sourced files (manual).
  • Quick Documentation: View documentation of your functions, variables, built-ins (help), and commands (info and man) (manual).
  • Inspections: Find unresolved references, locate unused global variables, or quickly find variables, which could be local (manual).
  • Code Folding: Powerful code folding to help you edit large scripts (manual).
  • Multi-File Navigation: All features support sourced files: go to definition, rename, find usages, completions, etc. The shellcheck source= directive is used to support dynamic path values (manual). User-defined shell script libraries and project variables support you with complex setups.
  • Helpers: Intentions, inspections, line markers for recursive calls, editor breadcrumbs, navigation bar breadcrumbs, structure view, powerful syntax highlighting, and more.

Supported language packs:

  • Simplified Chinese user interface translation (and English, of course)
    简体中文 用户界面支持(当然也支持英语)

Please refer to for the complete documentation and an overview of all available features.


Public issue tracking for BashSupport Pro. This is a plugin, which provides advanced support for Bash scripts for JetBrains IDEs.







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