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Quick Start

FOSSA Status

  • Add PrometheusIntegration to the mods/ directory of your server. You can download it from

  • Install docker on your server, by whichever means.

    Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install

  • Run the following commands.

    This will expose a dashboard on port 3000. Be careful, by default this is publicly writable; you'll need a reverse proxy such as nginx to lock it down. See the next section for hints as to how.

    The Prometheus instance on port 9090 also needs to be publicly accessible. Do not firewall it.

docker run -d --name mcprom -p $MCPROM_PORT:9090 baughn/mcprom
docker run -d --name mcdash --link mcprom:mcprom -p $MCDASH_PORT:3000 baughn/mcdash
  • Finally, visit http://(your hostname):3000/servers and edit the URL of the preconfigured Minecraft server to match the public hostname of your server.

Optional follow-up

  • Do the same thing client-side. It isn't as useful, but Promdash-Integration absolutely works in single-player or for multiplayer clients; the same instructions apply.

  • Play around with Prometheus. The easiest way is to visit the /graph URL of your Prometheus instance; you can do the same with Promdash, but it's a little fiddlier.

    You can find more documentation at

  • Suggest improvements. Talk to me!

  • Set up Nginx as a reverse proxy for Promdash, so other people can't edit your settings. While it shouldn't be possible to break out of the container, or even into the container, they can absolutely mess up your console.

    Here's a good stanza to start with, though note that your Prometheus port still needs to be accessible. Be careful, HTTP basic authentication sends your password in cleartext, so it is not safe to re-use passwords from elsewhere; ideally, use SSL instead.

server {
    listen 80;

    location / {
        proxy_pass http://localhost:3000;
        limit_except GET HEAD {
            auth_basic "Promdash";
            auth_basic_user_file conf.d/htpasswd;


FOSSA Status

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