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Burst v1.1

This code is made for Befaco's Burst module. A trigger burst generator with exponential/logaritmic distribution and probability Find further information here.



TimerOne: Also available in Library manager.

Bounce2: Also available in Library manager.

Uploading the firmware

  1. Get an ICSP Programmer We normally use an USBasp programmer like this one

  2. Download Arduino IDE Go to the official Arduino website and download the latest version of Arduino IDE for your operating system and install it.

  3. Download the firmware Clone or download this repository. Go to and press "clone or download" to download the repository to your computer. Extract the zip file and copy "BURST" folder to your sketchbook folder.

  4. Install the libraries Download the libraries (Rotary encoder) and install them following the instructions from this link

  5. Connecting the module Connect the programmer to the ICSP conector in the back of the module. Pay special attention to the pinout when you plug the module. You can check this link for more information about ICSP

  6. Uploading the code Press "Open" and search the file "BURST.ino" located on the "BURST" folder. Select board Arduinio UNO. Go to "Sketch" and hit "Upload using programmer".

If everything goes well you should see a "Done uploading" message in a few seconds. If something happens during the upgrade, check your Arduino settings following the instructions of this link


Coded by Jeremy Bernstein and Eloi Flowers (Winter Modular)


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