Legislation introduced by Council Member Ben Kallos for public comment.
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Affordable Housing Registration, Enforcement and Application
Air Quality Monitoring Near Marine Transfer Stations
Allow Flexibility in the Voter Guide
Alternate Eligibility for Candidate Designation or Nomination for an Elected Office
Amend Provisions of Campaign Finance Board’s Small Donor Matching Program
Amend References to Tribunal Functions of the Environmental Control Board
Centralized Procurement Database
City Government-Provided Public Information
Civic Commons
Collaborative Software Purchasing
Community Board Notification of Traffic Changes
Construction Safety Act Part I
Construction Safety Act Part II
Contemporaneous Registration and Absentee Ballot Application
Council Member as a Full-Time Position
Crane Modernization
DOT Notice on Location of Towed Cars
Early Public Funds Payments in Local Elections
Early Voting in Municipal Elections
Edit Interactive Crime Map
Eliminate Public Matching Funds for Certain Contributions
Employment Resources for Parents Reentering Workforce
Establish Housing Portal
Expand DOH Third Party Transfer program
Expanded Agency-based Voter Registration
Free and Open Source Software Act (FOSSA)
GIS Data
Geographic Information System Data on Open Data Portal
Give Certain City Agencies Authority When Licensing
HRA to Use Tax Filings in Determining Public Benefits
Healthy Happy Meals
Hoisting Machine Operator License Requirements
Housing Accommodations and Tenant Black Lists
Increase Student Access to Voter Registration
Limits for Rigging
Mobile Application for Hailing Taxicabs
Modify Standard in the Public Funding Matching Program
NYC Food Policy Council
Nutritional Standards for Distributing Incentive Items Aimed at Children
Online Voter Guide
Online Voter Information Portal
Online Voter Registration
Open Budget
Personal Information Security
Planning Professionals Available to Community Boards
Preserving Municipal Video Archives
Prohibit Hydraulic Fracturing in NYC
Prohibit Use of Pesticides by City Agencies
Public Notice of Production Permits
Recycled Aggregate Use in Concrete
Release of Information Related to Subsidized Child Care
Require Agencies Amend Notices of Violations with Deficiencies
Require DOE to Provide Certain Data
Require ECB Include Certain Information in Notices of Violation
Require Landlords to Distribute Voter Registration Forms
Securing Personal Information Privacy
Single User Identification System for City Websites
Standardization of Geographic Information on the Open Data Portal
Tax Liens on Property
The City Record OnLine (CROL)
Universal E-hail App
Upkeep of Curb Ramps Under ADA
Waterfront Management Advisory Board
Web Analytics for City Websites



Legislation introduced by Council Member Ben Kallos for public comment.