Python (3.x & 2.x) API for NIST Standard Reference Database 23 (a.k.a. Refprop) on Linux and Windows
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This Python module (available for both python version 2.7 and 3.2) uses a
compiled fortran version of the NIST Standard Reference Database 23
(a.k.a. REFPROP (REFerence fluid PROPerties)), version 9.1.

REFPROP source code has copyright by the United States Secretary of Commerce and
its distribution is controlled by the National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST). 

In order to legally obtain a copy of the REFPROP software and fortran source
codes, use the following web page:
Once purchased, the software will be delivered as a windows self extracting
installation file (.exe). In order to access the files required by this python module, you must install REFPROP using this self extracting installation file and install REFPROP in windows.

Install the REFPROP software on your system.
Add two environment variables called RPprefix and Path. See
at Excel Applications for more details.
Install the python API to refprop in your python dist-packages

Use WINE to install refprop.exe in the C:\Program Files\REFPROP\ directory or
use a virtual machine with windows to install REFPROP (if WINE doesn't work for
you) and then make the installed files available on a linux accessible partition.

Execute the shell script, rp2so, to compile and link the refprop shared object
files. In order for rp2so to run successfully, you will need to have the
following installed on Linux:
Install the python API to refprop into your python dist-packages folder