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@Benjol Benjol released this Mar 11, 2019

This release just adds a SE API key to the user details request, but this avoids rate-limiting problems for people who had other scripts also sending requests to SE (Issue #128).

Updated extension uploaded to Chrome.

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Mar 11, 2019
Update dist files

@Benjol Benjol released this Feb 21, 2019

Sorry this has taken so long.
I haven't yet been able to upload the chrome extension to the store

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@oliversalzburg oliversalzburg released this Mar 15, 2018

Update dist files
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@Benjol Benjol released this Feb 16, 2017

Corrections for new SO header.
Note that the Firefox add-on is unfortunately deprecated because of breaking changes in Mozilla security restrictions.
Minor tweaks: info link now sends here instead of to StackApps, and mouseover text on link shows current version.

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@Benjol Benjol released this Apr 15, 2015

Bug fix release:

  • fix for #87: getUserId fails with FF36 due to broken reference
  • fix for #85: Don't add auto links if they already exist on the target
  • fix for #53: Disable insert functionality for messages that are being edited
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@Benjol Benjol released this Mar 12, 2015

New major release, includes multiple improvements:

  • 'Quick insert' arrows on right allow one click add of comment
  • Comments can now be targeted to specific use-cases (Questions, Answers etc)
  • Auto comments work in other places eg. (Close reasons)
  • Works for http & https
  • Corrects yesterday's borked release ( which only worked on StackOverflow
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@Benjol Benjol released this Mar 11, 2015

'Official' signed release, including all previous updates.
Note that the updated version already exists on chrome webstore. The updated Mozilla add-on is in the review queue.

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@alerque alerque released this Jul 26, 2014

This is a hotfix release to fix a change in the DOM code for SE sites. An element used as a selector no longer has an ID on it, breaking the script for everybody.

The attached prebuilt browser extensions are temporary signed by @alerque because the author is offline for the month. Official store releases will be made on his return and these uploads replaced with ones signed with his personal key.

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