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HTML5UP Identity Template For Pico CMS

Download the identity folder, extract it to the themes folder of your Pico installation, and change the following setting within your config.php for Pico CMS Version < 2.0 :

$config['theme'] = 'identity';

For Pico CMS >= 2.0 add to config/config.yml

theme: identity

(If the file does not exist, create it. For more info see config/config.yml.template)

For the content download our, upload it in the content folder and make your changes.

You can add as many social icons as you want using the follow syntax:

Social: linkedin github
  url: icon

(Make sure to use spaces for indentation and not tabs!)

For the Social Icons we use Font Awesome. You can find a list of all available icons here.

For your Avatar Image, you can add an image to your site and specify its path using the meta Image variable in the Image: assets/avatar.jpg

(Pico recommends placing images inside an "assets" folder!)

For the Background replace the bg.jpg in Identity's images folder with your own background image.

Recommended Sizes:

avatar.jpg => 122x122 px | bg.jpg 1440x900 px