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You will need AutoHotkey to run this script. Make sure to run it with PoE in windowed fullscreen or windowed mode and start the program after PoE is started.

Edit the gemlist.txt to display whatever information you need for leveling your character.

Hotkeys that can be used by default

Display/Hide the zone layout overlay


Increment/Decrement the act and zone dropdown menus, respectively

Ctrl+F1/F2 and Alt+F1/F2

Display/Hide the quest reward tracker:


Cycle through acts on the quest reward tracker


Show/Hide the experience range overlay


Drag and drop the overlay tiles
  1. Remove their transparency in the script (ctrl+f transparen)
  2. Press Alt+space to pickup the context menu when youve got the tile in focus and use the arrow keys. Note that this has to be done every time you load the script unless you modify the xy coordinates in the script itself.
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