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Direct port of Flixel from AS3 to Javascript (HTML5/Canvas)

I started this project a few months ago and haven't yet completed it (that last 10% is a killer!) but it's been stagnating too long, so I'm releasing what I have to the world, and perhaps someone can fix it up before I do ;)

I initially converted by hand from AS3 to Javascript. I realized I would run into many errors that way. I did patch up many that I encountered. Unfortunately, the errors got pretty unruly, and so I went back to convert it automatically - which, yes, I should have done in the first place! At that point I was fatigued with the whole damn thing; the conversion script is almost, but not entirely, complete.

Unfortunately it's currently broken and incomplete in a few ways:

- <strike>Collision completely broken :( This is the most crushing problem. You can't make much without collision</strike>
- Transparency problems
- A few minor classes not yet converted
- Asset loading system not added (was waiting til I got the library working)
- Tilemap issue (it draws a little notch on tilemaps for some reason)
- Problems with sprite rotation (Currently disabled IIRC)

I plan on picking this project back up now and getting it in working order, but if you want to hack on it too then pull requests are welcome!

(NOTE: I based my port off the dev branch of Flixel)