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Google summer of code (GSOC) is an initiative where Google sponsors (i.e. pays a salary) to students in order for them to work on open source projects. Projects also need a mentor, who will support, guide and assist the student. The mentor gets a T-shirt and some work done.

If you Google GSOC, please edit this page to include relevant links.

Sponsoring organizations

Each project must be under the umbrella of a sponsored organization. Likely candidates for us are and OBF. likes libraries and language support of general interest, OBF supports more the bioinformatics side of things, and includes the bio* language communities.


If you would like to participate as a mentor, please write a brief project proposal as a separate wiki page in the GSOC/ directory, and link to it below. Don't forget to include a means of contacting you.

If you would like to participate as a student, please look over the project list, and contact prospective mentors. If you think you have a great project proposal, you can also consider doing a writeup on the wiki and ask for mentors.

Everybody is of course welcome to discuss this on the biohaskell mailing list.

Possible projects


Ketil Malde Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen


Sarah Berkemer (transalign, GSoC_blog)