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Plugin for janeway for automatic galley generation
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Pandoc Plugin

This is a plugin for Janeway that provides a button for typesetters to automatically generate html files from user article submissions in docx/rtf. These files are first converted to markdown, and from there to html, and then registered as galleys of the original article.

How to install:

(You can find plugin installation instructions in the README for the back_content plugin here)

  1. SSH into the server and navigate to: /path/to/janeway/src/plugins
  2. Use git to clone the plugin's repository here. For example: git clone
  3. Make sure you have activated janeway's virtual environment
  4. Return to /path/to/janeway/src and run python install_plugins
  5. Restart apache (command will depend on your distro)
  6. Go to your journal webpage, go to the manager, and click "Plugins" at the bottom of the side-bar on the left
  7. Find the plugin you are working on, click its link, and then enable it and click submit


N. B. You must have pandoc installed on your server to use this plugin. Please see pandoc's installation documentation here.

Most of the package managers for Linux distributions offer older versions of Pandoc, and you need at least 1.13 for full docx support. Luckily, pandoc offers a compiled distribution in .deb format:

wget ''
dpkg -i pandoc-2.5-1-amd64.deb
rm pandoc-2.5-1-amd64.deb

Pandoc should now be available for all users to run, ensuring the plugin will work

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