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Logo Bitcoin Cash Merchant (BCH)

This app allows you to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments at any retail location. All it requires is a public key or an extended public key linked to your Bitcoin wallet to start receiving Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments.

The Bitcoin Cash Register is a simple and easy to use Point of Sale application that allows you to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments—with ZERO fees to receive! (The sender pays less than a penny.)

There’s no sign-up process and no account to manage. Just enter either a standard Bitcoin Cash address or an “extended public key” (aka an “xpub”) from your Bitcoin Cash wallet to start accepting instant and secure Bitcoin Cash payments at your business.

The simple interface means less time training employees and troubleshooting technical issues. Just enter the payment amount in your local currency and show the customer the QR code, scannable by all major BCH wallets.

Other features include:

  • Employee Friendly Security: settings can only be changed using PIN code, and the app stores no funds itself
  • Local Currency Conversion: choose from over 200 fiat currencies for entering payment amounts
  • Transaction History: view all past transactions for your book-keeping needs
  • Enhanced Privacy: the Bitcoin Cash Register generates a new address for each transaction when provided with an extended public key
  • Open Source: anyone can review the source code for this app at

Why accept Bitcoin Cash?

  • Say goodbye to credit card fees! Bitcoin Cash costs absolutely nothing to receive
  • Customers pay less than a penny in transaction fees to send
  • No registration is required to accept BCH. Just download a free wallet like the official Bitcoin Wallet
  • No one can freeze your wallet
  • No one can seize your funds
  • No one can block your payments

Start accepting Bitcoin Cash using the Bitcoin Cash Register for a superior payment experience!