Supporting files for building the API and running the Linux build of StarCraft II
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A docker image for building and running the StarCraft II API on Linux

This is a work in progress. Contributions welcome!


  • Get unit tests working on s2client-game container
  • Automate the replay & Cache population
  • Create a combined container for developers (with git, API and game)
  • Get some compose / swarm examples for doing larger training exercises


By downloading and running this you are agreeing to:

StarCraft II AI and Machine Learning License

Building Containers

  1. Building the game container
    cd game && ./

This creates a new container named s2client-api.

The entrypoint will be the StarCraft II executable listening for API calls on port 12000.

You can run the game now as a container:

    docker run -P -d s2client-game

TODO: There appears to be an issue connecting on the exposed port

  1. Building the API build container
    cd build && ./

This builds the API and puts binary artifacts into the build volume.

  1. Test the containers
    cd game && ./

TODO: This currently crashes

  1. Installing replay packs and the cache to run hem

TODO: Consider using volumes for this case as well, lots of data to move around.

Running the API build

You can run the build yourself inside the s2client-api container:

docker run -it s2client-api

Running the Game

docker run -d s2client-game

If you want to use the replay container automation you should export the container ID in an environment variable.

export GAME_CONTAINER=`docker run -P -d s2client-game`

Developing using the API

    cd dev && ./
    docker run -it s2client-dev

The developer image s2client-dev is derived from s2client-game. You will need to first build the s2client-game image. Running the developer image you can clone the git repo, update your git config and test against the packaged client.