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Sane Subscriptions Feed (C++ rewrite)
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A Sane Subscriptions Feed C++ rewrite.

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What is this?

Simply put the core function is to create a more reliable subscriptions feed than YouTube's.

Sane++ grabs the "uploaded videos" playlist for all channels you're subscribed to and generates a feed based on that, bypasing the infamous algorithm.

How to compile

  1. mkdir build && cd build
  2. cmake ../src/ && cmake --build .
  3. cd .. (avoids relative paths in later instructions)

Prerequisite YouTube OAuth2 authentication

  1. Go through method A or B and then perform the following further steps:
  2. Run the CLI OAuth authentication command: build/bin/sane++_cli auth-oauth2.
  3. Open the link it produced in a web browser and go through the authentication process.

Method A) Using the public YouTube API credentials

  1. Copy config.json.sample to config.json

Method B) Using custom YouTube API credentials

  1. Copy config.json.sample to config.json
  2. Change client_id, client_secret and api_key according to the ones Google API provided you.

Running it

Command line interface


Supports commands as params from the command line (e.g. build/bin/sane++_cli auth-oauth2).

If no parameter is given, it will run in interactive mode.


Not yet implemented.


Why rewrite the software?

Aside from the obvious performance enhancements and reduced complexity I decided to rewrite it in C++ because I kept running into nonsense issues with libQt segfaulting due to PyQt, and since it's C++ wrapped objects in python... GLHF debugging...

This and other gripes eventually led to this rewrite.

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