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Our Hotel and Lodge Management Web Application gives you easy access to modules that makes it easier for you to manage your lodge or hotel
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Hotel and Lodge Management Software

Our Hotel and Lodge Management Software gives you easy access to modules that makes it easier for you to manage your lodge or hotel, Modules included makes it possible for you to:

Capture Clients and Company Clients Personal Information and Contact Information
Create Room Booking Schedules for up to 2 years in advance.
Easily Create a Booking Quotation and also send it to the client through email from the application, The Quotation itself will remain hosted in the application for secure Quotation Access, and also for future reference.
Automatic invoice Creation on payment, and also the ability to recall any invoice at any time from the database allows for perfect record keeping and thereby also improves client satisfaction.
Ability to Send Messages to your client, this makes it easier for management staff to send notifications to the client without having to actually disturb the client if the client is in their rooms, the notification system can also be used for payment reminders, at or near the time the client is expected to vacate their rooms.
A Central Client Account System that allows for your staff to quickly check if the client owes your business any money before they checkout or vacate the premises.
A Small Integrated Kiosk allowing your hotel and or lodge to sell refreshments, breakfast, dinner, and lunch straight from the application and also process payments, the kiosk system is integrated with an inventory control for the management staff, and also the Kitchen interface that shows your employees orders as they are placed on the system in real time.
Venue Management with an ability to add and remove rooms, and also an ability to set general prices for venues and also venue capacity.
Venue Management also allows you to place a venue under reservations and also with an ability to create a booking schedule for up to a year in advance.
Client Module allows you to also create packages for a client allowing you to place multiple bookings under one client, at different times and also for different rooms, all under one invoice and quotation, the package system is useful for company conferences and other events like that.
Contact and Messaging Module, allowing for easy Messaging and Contact management for important business contacts.
Bulk Messaging System allowing for both Email and SMS Messaging this makes it possible for your institution to send Bulk Marketing Messages to potential clients and existing clients in an easy to use environment.
Employee Management Module integrated with an Account Control System, Pay-Slip Processing and attendance Register for your employees.
Easy to use business reporting module with an ability to recall or create any kind of report from your integrated database system.
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