Android application for the Bodytrack project
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The BodyTrack Android Application

This application is part of the BodyTrack project (, which
aims to provide the layperson a means to track variables that correspond to
their health via various sensor apparati. The application will store data
temporarily until it successfully uploads it to the bodytrack server at which
point the data will be deleted from the device to save space.

This application tracks the data an Android phone's built-in sensors are
well-suited to track:
-photos of meals
-phone accelerations
-nearby wifi access points
-phone orientation
-various comments

How to use:
The first time you launch the application you will be prompted to configure the app. From the
configuration page you may set the username and password of you account and the nickname
that will show up on the website for your phone. Additionally you can configure power options to help
preserve the battery life of your phone and storage preferences to optionally store data on external

After configuration use the back button to return to the app's main screen. From here you can enable/disable
any sensor by simply checking or unchecking its check box. Once enabled sensors will continue to log data
after you leave the application. Also from the main menu you may use the "take a new photo" and "log a comment"
buttons to take photos and log comments respectively. You can also use the menu button to get back to the
configuration page to change settings.