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A Class Factory for JavaScript.
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The Class Factory

The Class factory is the base of all created Classes. This means that all Classes created by it automatically inherit from a special method is from it. basically works like instanceof, where first parameter would be the left-hand value of the instanceof operator and the (optional) second parameter the right-hand value.

The is method is both Class and a Instance method:

    var Foo = Class();; // true, Class); // true

    new Foo().is(Class); // true
    new Foo().is(Foo); // true

Basic Usage

To create the most simple Class just pass in a function as the constructor and an object with the members into the Class factory:

    var Foo = Class(function(value) {
        this.value = value;

    }, {
        getValue: function() {
            return this.value;

    new Foo(1).getValue(); // 1

Note: Both of the arguments are optional and either one can be left out.

Inheritance and Unbound Methods

You can pass any number of other Classes into the Class factory to make the new class inherit from them.

If the first parameter to the factory is either a function or a Class, it will become the constructor of the new Class.

If a Class inherits from another one, it can call that Class's unbound constructor from within it's own, passing itself as the instance argument:

    var Bar = Class(function(value) {
        Foo(this, value);

    }, Foo, ... );

All methods also have a unbound Class version available, this makes calling super methods easy.

    var Bar = Class(... , Foo, {
        method: function(value) {
            return Foo.method(this, value);

Static Fields and Methods

Any field prefixed with a $ will automatically become a static one and the $ prefix will get removed:

    var Baz = Class({
        $fromFactory: function(data) {
            return new Baz(data);

        $: function(magicNumber) {
            return magicNumber * magicConstant;

    instance = Baz.fromFactory({ ... });
    value = Baz.$();

Note: Static fields are direct references; thus, they are shared between any sub classes and their bases.

Wrapping prototype based structures into Classes

For easy integration of other prototype based code, you can simply wrap the desired structures as classes:

    var FooClass = Class(Foo, Foo.prototype);

The Class factory will actually do the right thing here and will not convert fields which are prefixed with $ into statics in order to avoid breaking existing code.


Licensed under MIT.

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