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A macOS app that creates new Xcode bots when a new PR is created on an observed GitHub repo.
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GitHub has a great git hosting service.

Xcode has a great continuous integration service.

But Xcode can't monitor your GitHub repo for new pull requests and create new integration bots for testing.

xcode-github is the Reeses(tm) that puts two great things, Xcode and GitHub, together so that you can have great Xcode testing on new GitHub pull requests.


What's Included

  • A macOS app that monitors your GitHub repos for PRs and creates new Xcode bots for them.
  • A command line utility that has many of the same functions of the macOS app.
  • A static library that has interfaces for GitHub and the Xcode CI system.
  • An xctest test bundle for testing.

Project Goals

The project goals

Installation and Usage

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