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Python/C# Encryption/Decryption Example

The purpose of this project is to show an example of python encrypting a string, using RSA encryption, then decrypting that using C#.

As such, it includes 2 areas: - A python module area (./python) - A C# solution area (./csharp) - To be opened in Visual Studio

Watch it work

The project should work out of the box, with a little setup:

1. Python Setup

cd python
virutalenv env
. ./env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

2. C# Setup

Just open ./csharp/EncryptionDemos/EncryptionDemos.sln in Visual Studio 2010 or later

3. Encrypt string with Python

cd python
. ./env/bin/activate
python encrypt.py

That will generate a file outside the python and c# areas called encrypted.txt.

4. Decrypt string using C#

  1. From visual studio, run the project
  2. Choose option 2

That should show you the original string from the encrypt.py script ("hello there!" is the default)

Generating New Keys

The project comes with sample keys but if you want to create new ones, you can do so.

Create initial keys

The keys are initially created in C#:

  1. From visual studio, run the project
  2. Choose option 1

Put keys into the right places

That will create a PrivateKey.txt and PublicKey.txt at the root of this repository (outside both the Python and C# areas).

The PrivateKey.txt can be copied directly into the ./csharp/EncryptionDemos directory.

For python, the PublicKey.txt string needs to be converted into PEM format. You can use this utility from SuperDry Developer to do that conversion. Once you have it, paste it into ./python/publickey.pem.