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Brewtarget Build Status

Brewtarget is free open-source brewing software, and a beer recipe creation tool available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It automatically calculates color, bitterness, and other parameters for you while you drag and drop ingredients into the recipe. Brewtarget also has many other tools such as priming sugar calculators, OG correction help, and a unique mash designing tool. It also can export and import recipes in BeerXML, allowing you to easily share recipes with friends who use BeerSmith or other programs. All of this means that Brewtarget is your single, free, go-to tool when crafting your beer recipes.


Author list created with:

$ git log --raw | grep "^Author: " | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr


For Users

For Developers

Compiling and Installing


On Debian systems like Ubuntu, the packages for dependencies are:

  • cmake (>= 2.8.11)
  • git
  • qtbase5-dev
  • qttools5-dev
  • qttools5-dev-tools
  • qtmultimedia5-dev
  • libqt5sql5-sqlite
  • libqt5sql5-psql
  • libqt5svg5-dev
  • libqt5multimedia5-plugins
  • doxygen (optional, for source documentation)


We do not do any in-source builds. You will create a separate directory for the build.

$ mkdir brewtarget-build
$ cd brewtarget-build
$ cmake /path/to/brewtarget-src
$ make


Linux-like systems may simply do:

$ sudo make install

Systems that use .deb or .rpm packages may also create a package first:

$ make package

Then either

$ sudo dpkg -i brewtarget*.deb


$ sudo rpm -i brewtarget*.rpm

On Mac and Windows environments, the package target will create an installer that may be executed to finish the installation.

Make targets

  • make package Makes .deb, .rpm, NSIS Installer, and .tar.bz2 binary packages.
  • make package_source Makes a .tar.bz2 source package.
  • make source_doc Makes html documentation of the source in doc/html.

Cmake options

These options are passed to cmake with the -D flag before compiling. For example:

$ cmake /path/to/brewtarget -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DDO_RELEASE_BUILD=ON
  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX - /usr/local by default. Set this to /usr on Debian-based systems like Ubuntu.
  • BUILD_DESIGNER_PLUGINS - OFF by default. If set to ON, builds the Qt Designer plugins instead of brewtarget.
  • DO_RELEASE_BUILD - OFF by default. If ON, will do a release build. Otherwise, debug build.
  • NO_MESSING_WITH_FLAGS - OFF by default. ON means do not add any build flags whatsoever. May override other options.
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