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Latest commit 6ea198f @kormoc kormoc Merge pull request #757 from gdavis33/master
Add FileAgeCollector
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bin Re open stdout/stderr as null output to fix libraries flushing on them
conf Set a more reasonable value for the graphite host in the exmaple configs
debian Fix - 'status' in init script doesn't work properly
docs @ ba4cb1a Collectors are defaulted disabled
gentoo use SIGKILL instead of default signal
rpm Go for simple unit type as its the easiest and most reliable in the end
src Merge pull request #757 from gdavis33/master
.gitignore Ignore vagrant
.gitmodules Update main wiki url
.keep Fixes #112, this adds a .keep file to /var/log/diamond to ensure the …
.pep8 pep8 should ignore .tox
.travis.requirements.txt Try to fix pgbouncer test in travis and tox
.travis.yml Be nice and use mirrors
CHANGELOG Remove the ability to enable collectors via code. We must move to onl…
LICENSE Add in a mysql performance_schema collecter written by seveas exclude test directories from sdist releases
Makefile Merge pull request #776 from filippog/github/make_clean Update point to new python-diamond repo
Vagrantfile Remove copy of non-existing .vimrc file. No magic collectors anymore
setup.cfg move script specification for rpm into setup.cfg Fix urls Enable pep8 checks via travis
test.watchr Fix test.watchr
tox.ini Make version before uploading to pypi Re #289, fix the version identifier to support valid naming rules

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Diamond is a python daemon that collects system metrics and publishes them to Graphite (and others). It is capable of collecting cpu, memory, network, i/o, load and disk metrics. Additionally, it features an API for implementing custom collectors for gathering metrics from almost any source.

The documentation can be found on our wiki. For your convenience the wiki is setup as a submodule of this checkout. You can get it via running

git submodule init
git submodule update

Success Stories

  • Diamond has successfully been deployed to a cluster of 1000 machines pushing 3 million points per minute.
  • Have a story? Please share!


Historically Diamond was a brightcove project and hosted at BrightcoveOS. However none of the active developers are brightcove employees and so the development has moved to python-diamond. We request that any new pull requests and issues be cut against python-diamond. We will keep BrightcoveOS updated and still honor issues/tickets cut on that repo.

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