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The Broadband Forum is the communications industry’s leading organization focused on accelerating broadband innovation, standards, and ecosystem development


  1. yang yang Public

    Broadband Forum YANG Modules

    Shell 25 15

  2. usp usp Public

    The User Services Platform (USP)

    Python 31 12

  3. usp-test usp-test Public


    3 3

  4. obbaa obbaa Public

    A reference implementation for standardized, automated Cloud-based Access Services.

    Java 22 11

  5. obuspa obuspa Public

    OB-USP-AGENT is a system daemon providing a User Services Platform (USP) Agent.

    C 81 58

  6. obudpst obudpst Public

    OB-UDPST is a client/server utility to do UDP-based IP capacity measurements (see TR-471 for details).

    C 38 14


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