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BuildingSync Use Cases

This is a collection of official and community provided BuildingSync Use Cases. Each folder is an application, standard, or organization which the Use Case is intended for.


To contribute a new use case, open a pull request that includes a Schematron and example XML file which meet our requirements specified below. All tests should pass as well (see development below).


Schematron files must be located under <Org or Application Name>/schematron/<Use Case Name>.sch, where:

  • <Org or Application Name> can be anything
  • <Use Case Name> starts with the name (any alphanumeric characters) followed a dash-separated version. For example: MyUseCase-1.0.0.

The Schematron file itself must meet the following requirements (which are tested by our automated test suite).

  • The sch:schema attribute @queryBinding must be xslt1
  • The sch:schema attribute @schemaVersion must be defined and follow the pattern of <schematron semantic version>-<minimum supported BuildingSync version>-<maximum supported BuildingSync version>. Note that <maximum supported BuildingSync version> is optional. Versioning of Schematron documents should follow BuildingSync's recommended versioning. For example, the following schemaVersions are considered valid:
    • 1.0.0-2.3.0: Schematron is version 1.0.0 and it validates against BuildingSync documents 2.3.0 and later
    • 2.3.4-2.0.0-3.0.0: Schematron version is 2.3.4 and it validates against BuildingSync documents from 2.0.0 to 3.0.0.
  • Every sch:pattern MUST include a title
  • Every sch:assert MUST include the attribute @role which must be one of ERROR, WARNING or INFO


In addition to the Schematron, we require that you provide at least one example of a BuildingSync document which validates against the Use Case. The example file must be under the examples/ subdirectory, and must start with the name of the Schematron it is valid against.

For example, if your use case was at Foo/schematron/Foo-1.0.0.sch, then you must have one or more files such as Foo/examples/Foo-1.0.0-<example name>.xml.


  • Foo/examples/Foo-1.0.0-Simple.xml
  • Foo/examples/Foo-1.0.0-Residential.xml
  • Foo/examples/Foo-1.0.0-Commercial.xml

Additional testing

Additional tests specific to a use case can be added under the tests/use_cases/ directory.



First install poetry. Then run

poetry install


poetry run pytest


Collection of BuildingSync Use Cases (Schematron)






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