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Bumblebee Versioning

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General versioning

Bumblebee version are numbered x.y.z-n, where:

  • x increases when a major change is released (ACPI support, nouveau support, ...)
  • y increases when some other new features are released and starts at 0 each times x increments
  • z increases when a general bugfix is released and starts at 0 each times y increments

Until here, this is common to all distros.

After that, we've got:

  • n increases when a distro specific fix (e.g. alternatives in Ubuntu) is released and starts at 1 each times z increments

Versioning in Ubuntu PPAs

Bumblebee version are named x.y.z-n~distroppam, where:

  • x, y z and n are as above
  • n increases when we add patch files from upstream to the build scripts
  • distro is lucid, natty, oneiric or precise
  • m increases when we make changes to the build script itself, and starts at 1 each times z increments

Versioning in ArchLinux AUR

Stable release

The versioning system will follow the general x.y.z for the package version. The '-n' will refer only to changes in the PKGBUILD or the maintainer scripts.

Develop branch (git)

This package will always be named "bumblebee-git". The version number depends on the date and is set automatically by makepkg at build time:

bumblebee-git yyyymmdd


  • yyyy is the year when the git repository is cloned by makepkg
  • mm is the month when the git is cloned
  • dd is the day when the git is cloned.