Reporting Issues

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Please check the FAQ and Troubleshooting sections before reporting a bug. To provide optimal help, we'll need to have some information about your installation and laptop model.

In front of your issue, add the following:

Distro: Your distribution (Ubuntu, Fedora, ...) and its version (11.04, 11.10, 15, ...). If you're unsure, add the output of cat /etc/issue.
Kernel: Please add the output of uname -a
Manufacturer and model: Please add here the results of the following commands:

$ for keyword in baseboard-manufacturer baseboard-product-name baseboard-version system-manufacturer system-product-name system-version bios-vendor bios-version bios-release-date; do
    printf "%-22s: " "$keyword";
    sudo dmidecode -s "$keyword";

If you're not using a distro that uses sudo, login as root (su -) and perform the above command without sudo.

Bumblebee version: Please add the version you're running (it can be retrieved by running optirun -V)

Then, describe as accurately as possible your problem.

Please also run the bugreport tool (bumblebee-bugreport) and mail it to us, including the issue number in the title. If you have a Launchpad account, send it to, otherwise register for one or mail it to a developer who will forward it (e.g. A better way to handle attachments is being discussed, for now we have to live with these limitations.

Arch Linux users, please note the package dmidecode is needed to run bumblebee-bugreport.

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