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Configuration of both Bumblebee daemon (bumblebeed) and client (optirun) are made on a single file located on $CONFDIR/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf, depending on how you installed Bumblebee, CONFDIR could be /usr/local/etc or /etc. The file bumblebee.conf has comments explaining the settings. The format is described at Most notably, you should not use quotes around values.

Using Nouveau driver

If you're using a very, very recent nouveau driver which supports your card, you can use the nouveau driver by setting the Driver setting to nouveau:


Using Nvidia driver

The NVIDIA driver needs more configuration. Note that XorgModulePath is comma-separated.


On Ubuntu and Mandriva, the value for KernelDriver is nvidia-current by default, not nvidia. However, on Ubuntu you can also find a lot of other flavors like nvidia-current-updates, nvidia, nvidia-nnn and nvidia-experimental-nnn, so we added a patch that should auto-detect the correct one in case it's not set.

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