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Django-REST-Framework-Mongoengine example

This is a complete example of a working project in Django-REST-Framework-Mongoengine.

I tested it on Debian 8.

How to use it

In the toplevel directory of the project there is a requirements.txt file with all the python dependencies, required for this project to run. Install them with

pip install -r requirements.txt

You'll also need a working instance of MongoDB - install it as an apt package in your system with:

sudo aptitude install mongodb

After that you'll need to create a database in MongoDB, called project, where this project's collections will be stored.

To run this project with django development server, just go to project folder and say:

python runserver

and visit http://localhost:8000/api/ url, where you'll find the root of your REST api.

Project structure

The toplevel directory contains a single django project, called, ahem, project. Within it there are a per-project folder called project, where global settings are stored, and two django app, called users and app. users contains the user model and an example of authentication implementation, while app contains several API endpoints, demonstrating DRF-Mongoengine capabilities.

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