Framework to connect with a SQLite database from Unity for iOS, Android, MAC , Windows
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Framework to connect to SQLite database from Unity for iOS, Android, MAC and Windows

***** please don't use this code for sell an asset *****

change log

v 1.1 changes:

  • Add android support (read below how to do)
  • sqlite libs version for android (v3.3.17) It has been compiled with the android native development kit release 9 and the target arm is ARMv5TE (which should cover most android devices).
  • change all DllImport from internal to private

How to Use:

SqliteDatabase sqlDB = new SqliteDatabase(“config.db”);
string query = “INSERT INTO User(UserName) VALUES( ‘Santiago’)”;


the file “config.db” is necessary exist in the “StreamingAssets” folder.

If this folder does not exist create it in the root folder of your Unity project.

to execute a query this libs have 2 simple methods:

void ExecuteNonQuery(string query)  //for SQL query like UPDATE, DELETE....
Dictionary ExecuteQuery(string query)  //for SQL query like SELECT ....

for Android compatibility:

Copy the file "" (sqlite libs for android) into the folder "Assets/Plugins/Android" it's important copy that otherwise it will not be included to the final apk package.

follow this simple steps and you can get full compatibility with android.