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Node/JS API client for ButterCMS (
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ButterCMS JS client

npm version


For a comprehensive list of examples, check out the API documentation.


Requires node.js version 4 or greater.

npm install buttercms --save

Butter can also be included directly in HTML:

<script src=""></script>


Every resource is accessed via your butter instance:

var butter = require('buttercms')('api_token_567abe');

Using ES6:

import Butter from 'buttercms';
const butter = Butter('api_token_567abe');

Using TypeScript:

import Butter = require('buttercms');
const butter = Butter('api_token_567abe');

Using CDN:

  var butter = Butter('api_token_567abe');

Every resource method returns a promise:

// Get blog posts{page: 1, page_size: 10}).then(function(response) {


Where you see params it is a plain js object, e.g. {page: 1}. For a list of params see the API documentation

  • page
    • retrieve(page_type, page_slug[, params])
    • list(page_type[, params])
// Get page'casestudy', 'acme-co').then(function(resp) {

Content fields

  • content
    • retrieve(keys)


Setup locales in the ButterCMS dashboard and fetch localized content using the locale option:

// Get FAQ
butter.content.retrieve(["faq"], {locale: 'es'}).then(function(resp) {

Test mode

Test mode can be used to setup a staging website for previewing content fields or for testing content during local development. To fetch content from test mode add an additional argument, true, to the package initialization:

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', true);

Or use an environment variable:

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', process.env.BUTTER_TEST_MODE);

Blog Engine

  • post
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
    • search(query[, params])
  • category
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
  • tag
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
  • author
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
  • feed
    • retrieve(type[, params])

See our node app for a full example.


The default timeout threshold is 3000ms but you can change it:

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', false, 5000);


Documentation is available at


View NodeJS Blog engine and Full CMS for other examples of using ButterCMS with NodeJS.

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