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A Java port of the python-pathfinding repository.

Computes mathematically optimal paths from one point to the other on a mostly open board. It does this through Dijkstra's algorithm, a custom line-of-sight algorithm, and a massive amount of various other helper algorithms, including a polygon triangulation algorithm and a polygon expansion algorithm.

Warning: This code only compiles, in it's current state, this port has received absolutely no testing. You're more likely to get struck down by a ferocious bobcat sent to you through FedEx by some person on Ebay, only to be saved by a strike of lightning, which also just so happens to cause a wind current from the east that delivers into your hands one winning lottery ticket than to have success with this code in it's current state. (Two XKCD references for the price of one sentence! The first one is easy to spot, can you locate the second?)