Material skin for SlimServer (Logitech Media Server)
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Material skin for SlimServer (Logitech Media Server)

Browse Now Playing Queue


  1. Mobile and desktop layouts
  2. Browse local library - Artists, Album Artists (if not set for single list), Genres, Playlists, Years, Composers, etc.
  3. Add random albums of artist, genre, or year
  4. Browse Radio, Favourites, and Apps
  5. Add, delete, and rename favourites
  6. Add, delete, and rename playlists
  7. Now playing
  8. Play queue with drag'n'drop editing
  9. UI settings; dark theme, album sort, auto scroll play queue
  10. Player settings; crossfade, replay gain, don't stop the music, alarms
  11. Sync support
  12. Info dialog to show stats, and re-scan music
  13. Manage players; control volume, play/pause, show current track
  14. Group player control; add, edit, delete
  15. Pin apps, etc, to main screen
  16. Swipe left/right to change views with mobile layout


Using LMS GUI:

  1. Open the LMS web page (e.g. http://localhost:9000)
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select the Plugins tab
  4. At bottom of the page add the repo URL:
  5. Install the plugin and enable as usual


Copy (or symlink) the MaterialSkin directory into the server's Plugin directory.


  1. Access the skin through http://<yourserver>:9000/material/
  2. Select "Add to Home screen" on your device, if supported.

Selecting mobile or desktop

The skin should automatically choose mobile or desktop layouts, but you may also force one or the other.

  1. http://<yourserver>:9000/material/mobile will force mobile layout
  2. http://<yourserver>:9000/material/desktop will force desktop layout


The skin may be installed on a machine separate to LMS. Currently this is how it's developed. e.g.

  1. cd in the material folder
  2. Start python's simple HTTP server - e.g. python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  3. Access on localhost via http://localhost:8000/mobile.html?lms= or http://localhost:8000/desktop.html?lms= (replace with the IP address of the LMS server)