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  1. heatenginegym heatenginegym Public

    A collection of heat engines, based on the OpenAI Gym environment framework for use with reinforcement learning applications.

    Python 13 5

  2. SRS2021 SRS2021 Public

    Unsupervised Hyperspectral Stimulated Raman Microscopy Image Enhancement: De-Noising and Segmentation via One-Shot Deep Learning

    Python 4 1

  3. genheas genheas Public

    Python codes, scripts, and datasets for High Entropy Alloys

    Python 3 1

  4. dnns dnns Public

    General purpose repo for training deep neural networks. Going to include data loading, model creation, and distributed data parallelism supported by pytorch.

    Python 2

  5. watch_and_learn watch_and_learn Public

    Code and data for RNN/EDNN method

    Jupyter Notebook 2

  6. HHG HHG Public

    Deep learning and high harmonic generation

    Jupyter Notebook 2 1


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