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CMAP's Activity Based Model

How To Build

  1. Download Eclipse Luna
  2. Import cmap_abm\cmap as an Eclipse project
  3. Import cmap_abm\ctrampIf as an Eclipse project
  4. Update cmap.classpath references to external required jars
  5. Update ctrampIf.classpath references to external required jars
  6. Make sure jxl jar referenced before common-base jar in the .classpath files (in order to avoid Worksheet GC disabled inconsistency error)
  7. Change circular dependencies from errors to warnings: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler -> Building -> Circular Dependencies
  8. Export ctrampIf.jar via File -> Export and use the ctrampIf\build.jardesc
  9. Export cmap.jar via File -> Export and use the cmap\build.jardesc
  10. Copy ctrampIf.jar and cmap.jar into the EXEC folder when running the model