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A jQuery Slider plugin for anything.
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AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin

A very robust jQuery-based slider plugin. Need to link to a specific slide? No problem. Like a choice of themes? Got it. Need callbacks for when specific slider actions happen? Sure. Need custom tab names? You got it. Need more than one slider per page? Easy.

  • Having problems with installing or getting the plugin to work? Ask your question in the CSS-Tricks forums or on StackOverflow.
  • Find a bug or have an enhancement request? Submit it here

Main Demo

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Download the full repo for a full set of all the cool stuff AnythingSlider can do.

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Recent Changes

Version 1.9.5

  • Dynamic video extension
    • Prevent reinitializing the video more than once.
    • Allow dynamically adding & removing videos; call .anythingSliderVideo() to update.
    • Add dynamic demo to video page.
    • All thanks to christian-seifert in pull #604!
  • Force vimeo iframe to use https to prevent iframe communication issues. Fixes issue #645.

Version 1.9.4

  • Added aspectRatio so that the slider scales according to this ratio when the expand option is given. Thanks npn66nicke!

Version 1.9.3

  • Updated all css themes (added s to css3 transition duration) so it will pass css3 validation. Fixes issue #556.
  • Fade mode with resumeOnVisible set to true will now set the panel visibility to hidden when it is not the current panel. Fixes issue #559.
  • Added a method to customize the toggleControls to only hide/show the arrows while the slide show is playing.
    • To toggle both the navigation arrows and controls, set the toggleControls option is true.
    • To toggle only the navigation arrows, but not the controls, set the toggleControls option to anything other than false - use "true" (or any string within the quotes).
    • This fulfills the enhancement request from issue #560.
  • Added a component.json file to allow registering this plugin with bower. Fulfills issue #566.
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