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A jQuery Slider plugin for anything.
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AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin

A very robust jQuery-based slider plugin. Need to link to a specific slide? No problem. Like a choice of themes? Got it. Need callbacks for when specific slider actions happen? Sure. Need custom tab names? You got it. Need more than one slider per page? Easy.

  • Having problems with installing or getting the plugin to work? Ask your question in the CSS-Tricks forums or on StackOverflow.
  • Find a bug or have an enhancement request? Submit it here

Main Demo

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Download the full repo for a full set of all the cool stuff AnythingSlider can do.

CMS plugins/mods

Change Log

Version 1.9.4

  • Added aspectRatio so that the slider scales according to this ratio when the expand option is given. Thanks npn66nicke!

Version 1.9.3

  • Updated all css themes (added s to css3 transition duration) so it will pass css3 validation. Fixes issue #556.
  • Fade mode with resumeOnVisible set to true will now set the panel visibility to hidden when it is not the current panel. Fixes issue #559.
  • Added a method to customize the toggleControls to only hide/show the arrows while the slide show is playing.
    • To toggle both the navigation arrows and controls, set the toggleControls option is true.
    • To toggle only the navigation arrows, but not the controls, set the toggleControls option to anything other than false - use "true" (or any string within the quotes).
    • This fulfills the enhancement request from issue #560.
  • Added a component.json file to allow registering this plugin with bower. Fulfills issue #566.

Version 1.9.2

  • Fixed video extension to now properly work with multiple sliders. See issue #548.

Version 1.9.1

  • Added onVideoInitialized callback to the video extension.

    • This callback function is called after the video extension has initialized.

      onVideoInitialized: function(slider){ }
    • The function is passed a base (aka slider) parameter which can also be obtained using $('#slider').data('AnythingSlider').

    • All video functions are contained in and video options are contained within
  • Added onSliderResize callback & slideshow_resize event.

    • This callback function is called whenever the slider resizes, but only when the expand option is true.
    • The function/event is passed an event object and base parameter.

      onSliderResize: function(event, slider){ }
    • Thanks to wearetelescopic for sharing.

Version 1.9.0

  • Core updates:

    • Support for jQuery's addBack and/or andSelf applied; see issue #508.
    • The playRtl option no longer swaps direction of the arrows; see issue #526.
    • The combination of stopAtEnd:true, infiniteSlides:false and showMultiple > 1, no longer shows empty panels. Fixes issue #515.
    • Deprecated the addWmodeToObject option. Replaced by video extension's wmode option; see below for more details.
  • AnythingSlider Video Extension updates:

    • Sadly, I didn't have time to completely rewrite this extension, but I think I got everything working properly again.
    • Also, I didn't get a chance to do extensive video testing in IE, Safari or Opera... and since the newest Safari will no longer be available for Windows, I'll need some feedback on how it's working in that browser.
    • The video extension no longer "automatically loads" itself

      • You will now need to initialize this extension along with AnythingSlider (defaults shown below):

            // video id prefix; suffix from $.fn.anythingSliderVideo.videoIndex
            videoId         : 'asvideo',
            // auto load YouTube api script
            youtubeAutoLoad : true,
            // YouTube iframe parameters, for a full list see:
            youtubeParams   : {
              modestbranding : 1,
              iv_load_policy : 3,
              fs : 1,
              wmode: 'opaque' // this is set by the wmode option above, so no need to include it here
      • This fixes issue #167.

    • YouTube:

      • YouTube video should now properly pause and resume as it now dynamically loads the YouTube iframe api (set youtubeAutoLoad option to false to disable). Fixes issues #191, #263 & #333.
      • Add any YouTube iframe parameters within the video extension options, as seen above.
        • Also, go here for a full list of iframe parameters.
        • This will allow you to hide video controls (controls: 0) - see issue #501.
        • Autoplaying videos (autoplay: 1) will still be problematic, for these reasons:
          • If multiple videos exists in the slider, they will all start autoplaying at once.
          • If there is a single video and it isn't in the starting panel, it will start playing in the background.
          • Autoplaying won't work in some mobile browsers like Chrome or Safari (ref) - see issue #454.
      • The YouTube iframe wmode parameter is automatically set by the AnythingSlider addWmodeToObject option.
      • YouTube embedded video still requires swfobject, but does not use the above youtubeParams option.
    • HTML5 video now recognizes the resumeOnVisible option properly. See issue #525.
    • The videoId option automatically adds an ID to each video; this option contains the id prefix. The suffix is now properly added so having multiple video initialization blocks will no longer repeat the same Id.
    • Changed the video extension to only use a GPL license, to match the main plugin.

Version 1.8.18

  • Modified vertical mode to now work with showMultiple and show multiple slides.
    • When showing more panels vertically, the plugin keeps the set panel size and just adds it to the bottom. So, if you set the slider to 300x200 and show two panels vertically, it will end up being 400 pixels in height, plus a bit more for the navigation. The plugin did the same with width, so it's just following this pattern.
    • When using vertical mode and expand is true, the panels will be forced to fit within the height contraints, so the above pattern is not followed.
    • If resizeContents is false the panels will be left aligned, and the slider will resize it's width and height to match the biggest panel.
    • This feature request fulfills issue #378.
    • This feature has not been rigourously tested with all different combinations, so if you find any problems please report them by opening up an issue.

Version 1.8.17

  • Minified version updated, as it was still an older version.

Version 1.8.16

  • Merged in video extension update to prevent errors in iOS devices that don't support Flash. See pull #485. Thanks mlms13!
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