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Use an Arduino to generate pulse sequences
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ArduinoPulseGenerator is a simple program for generating pulse sequences (with pulse widths on the order of seconds to milliseconds) using an Arduino. There is an associated GUI that runs on the local computer, or you can simply connect to the Arduino with a serial console (9600 baud) and send it commands. This code has been tested on the ArduinoMega 2560 (timing accuracy ~ ±200 μs) and Arduino Due (timing accuracy ~ ±35 μs); it may work on other Arduino boards but this has not been tested.

For information on using this software, please see the ArduinoPulseGenerator website.

Building the Software


To build the firmware that runs on the Arduino, you will first need to install the Arduino software. This can be downloaded from the Arduino site, or on GNU/Linux installed using your package manager (e.g. on Ubuntu or Debian you can type "sudo apt-get install arduino" at the command line).

Next you will need to upload the software to your device. To do this, first open the Arduino IDE, and under the tools->board menu choose the type of Arduino board you have. Next, choose File->Open, and select the PulseGeneratorFirmware.pde file in the PulseGeneratorFirmware directory of the ArduinoPulseGenerator source code. Finally, connect your Arduino to the computer (if it's not already connected) and choose File->Upload to upload the firmware to your Arduino.

Graphical User Interface

To build the graphical user interface which runs on your computer, you will first need to install the Qt development tools. These can be downloaded from the Qt Project site, or on GNU/Linux installed using your package manager (e.g. on Ubuntu or Debian you can type "sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev" at the command line).

The GUI can be built by opening a command line, navigating to the directory where you've place the ArduinoPulseGenerator source code, and then running:


For more information on qmake and potential troubleshooting, the Qt project website has a number of tutorials.


ArduinoPulseGenerator is released under a GPLv3 License (see the file "COPYING" for details, or the FSF site for a a discussion of the GPL license), and can be redistributed and/or modified under this or (at your option) any later version of this license.

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