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A Scoop bucket for open source/freeware games and game-related tools.

List of applications in this bucket

See this page for a list of applications in this bucket with descriptions.


After installing Scoop, enter the following line in a Command Prompt or PowerShell window:

scoop bucket add games

Once this is done, you can install any app from this bucket (check the list of files in the bucket/ directory). For instance, use the following command:

# Don't include the .json file extension in the app name
scoop install ericw-tools

Updating applications in this bucket

For manifests that contain an autoupdate section, there's a GitHub Actions workflow that runs every day and commits updated manifests to the repository. No need to open a pull request to update those manifests.

For manifests that don't contain an autoupdate section, feel free to open a pull request to update them to the latest version. You can also add an autoupdate section to the manifest to ensure the application always remains up-to-date in the future.


Copyright © 2018-2022 Hugo Locurcio and contributors

Files in this repository are licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal, see for more information.