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Caravel Sketch To install our Sketch plug-in please click here

Enough repetition. You can now quickly import your designs from Sketch.

Product design is on the rise. The tools for the craft keep on multiplying, but that doesn’t mean your workflow should be doing the same.

That’s why we’re releasing our Sketch integration. You can now easily import your designs from Sketch files. All it takes is our simple plugin and a set of neat UX/UI screens that you want to show off (to clients or teammates) 😎


How does it work?

Quite simply, each artboard you have on Sketch can be exported as an Annotated Screen. That will allow you to neatly present all your designs to clients and stakeholders.

Whenever you sync your Sketch files with Caravel, you get to choose which artboards you want to export, and an existing page where you want to load your Annotated Screens. That way you can keep your Caravel project organized however you want.

We’ve also ensured that the order of your Sketch artboards is loaded the right way in Caravel. Just make sure you name them with number prefixes to keep them tidy. Here’s a helpful tool for doing that.

Getting started

To install our Sketch plug-in please click here

Once the plug-in is installed, all you need to do is log in to your Caravel account from the Sketch plugin menu. Then you can start syncing your design as follows:

1 — Select the artboards you want to export to Caravel (if you want to export all artboards in the file, you can skip this step)

2 — Go to the Sketch plugin menu > Caravel > “Sync artboards with Caravel”

3 — Select a project, a section, and the name of the screen you want to send your designs to

4 — Confirm sync

5 — Within a couple seconds, the plugin will have made its magic, and you can open up the chosen Caravel page and start annotating your screens (just refresh your screen in case it’s already opened).

What if I update my designs on Sketch?

Once your designs have been loaded in Caravel, feel free to make any changes to your Sketch file.

Whenever you have an updated version of the artboards, you can simply re-sync them using the plugin, which will replace the previous screens on Caravel.

All changes in the design will be reflected on your screens synced with Caravel, as well as the title of the artboards.

That’s it! We’re looking forward to your feedback so we can improve the Sketch integration and add more features down the road.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comment below 😉


This plugin allows Sketch users to export their designs directly to Caravel projects.




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