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(Mac)Vim configuration
VimL Python Shell
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Latest commit d54a564 Andrew Marshall Remove non-working Tmux/Vim auto-write script
This also caused odd things to happen when opening Vim, such as various
control characters being printed to the screen. Since the script seems
to generally not work anymore, solving this problem by removing it

Case Commons Vim config


Clone the repo and run the install script:

git clone ~/.vim
cd ~/.vim


Provided your working copy is clean, updating is simple:

cd ~/.vim

Plugin installation


The YouCompleteMe plugin can be a bit of a pain to install, and its installation is not automated as a part of either ./install or ./update. If you’re on OS X with Homebrew, this might work:

brew install python || brew reinstall python
brew reinstall macvim --with-override-system-vim
cd ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe

If that doesn’t work (or you’re not on OS X w/Homebrew), consult the YouCompleteMe docs.

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