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Watch Category5 TV Network shows on Plex.

Install this script

  1. Download:
  2. Unzip.
  3. Rename the folder to category5.bundle (remove the "-master" added by GitHub).
  4. Move to your Plex Media Server's Plug-ins folder.
  5. Launch with the "Channels" button, usually found at the bottom left of your Plex web interface.

Please visit

Channel Description

Category5.TV provides free, family-friendly video content. Our flagship show is Category5 Technology TV, which offers a weekly ~1 hour program focused on Linux, open source, and general tech. We also offer tech news, nature sounds, a weekly faith program, and a variety of other video content, all free to view.

Vision Of The Future

Here is a list of some of the things I would love to add to this channel. If you are able to, please help out by coding a PR :)

  1. SRT Subtitles, which I can send to the channel as a URL in cat5tv:srt
  2. HLS Playback (currently is MP4). I can send the link to the .m3u8 in


Category5 Channels Menu Category5 Channels Menu

Main Menu of feeds (images not correct at this time) Category5 Channels Menu

Technology TV Category5 Channels Menu